Echo Mazur, Clarinet

Echo Mazur was born in small town Saskatchewan but has lived, studied and worked around the globe. She received her A.R.C.T. Piano Performance diploma while in high school and went on to win the Governor General’s Gold Medal for her Master’s of Music in Clarinet Performance from the University of Regina and l’Université de Montréal. She has played with the Saskatoon and Regina symphonies, has toured with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Orchestra, and has played with the Jersey (Channel Islands) Symphony, the Jersey Chamber Orchestra, and King’s Chamber Orchestra (London) and has recorded as a clarinet soloist and pianist for CBC Radio. In addition to her clarinet work, Echo studied and performed with the U de M gamelan for two years before traveling to Bali for intensive study in gamelan gender wayang. She has also studied the kora and the bansuri. Echo currently teaches clarinet and piano at MacEwan University, performs at the Citadel Theatre, and appears as a sub with the Edmonton Symphony.